Lincoln Electric Offers New Graphics for VIKING™ Welding Helmets

ClevelandLincoln Electric is now offering two new graphic designs on its VIKING™ Auto-Darkening helmet line – a camouflage design, as well as an exclusive design inspired by Chip Foose, renowned automotive fabricator and designer.
The White Tail Camo™ welding helmet will be available in both the VIKING 2450 Series and VIKING 3350 Series. The woodland camo pattern is targeted toward fabricators that enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. At the same time, Lincoln Electric is using the same White Tail Camo pattern on the just released White Tail Camo Ranger® 250 GXT engine-driven welder.
The Impostor™ helmet, featuring the paint color scheme and an image of the 2015 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award-winning Imposter Chevrolet Impala designed by Foose, along with the designer’s signature, will be available in the VIKING 3350 Series.
Both helmets feature the new, 4C™ Lens Technology, which delivers the following attributes: VIKING Auto-Darkening helmets provide superior comfort with pivot-style headgear and the best optical clarity available in a welding helmet today. Backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty, these helmets are designed to withstand the toughest welding environments.
The top-of-the-line VIKING 3350 auto-darkening helmet has the largest viewing area in its class, with a substantial 3.34-inch-high viewing area in a U.S. standard 5.25- x 4.50-inch cartridge shell. Users can choose from multiple unique graphic designs, including the White Tail Camo and Imposter patterns.
VIKING 2450 auto-darkening helmet line provides the fastest switching speed in its class. The 2450 helmets offer a 2.4-inch viewing area in a U.S.-standard, 4.5- x 5.25-inch lens cartridge. In addition to the White Tail Camo graphics, this series is available in many other designs.
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