Lincoln Electric Presents Servo-Driven Feeder for Robotic Steel Fabrication: AutoDrive® S

Cleveland – The AutoDrive® S, Lincoln Electric’s servo-driven, wire-feed system for robotic welding cells, provides an ideal solution for industries requiring precise automated MIG welding on steel, including trailer manufacturing, automotive and general fabrication applications.

Using touch-retract starting technology, a feature that increases productivity and reduces long term operating costs by delivering consistent, optimal starts, the AutoDrive S also boasts improved contact tip life for increased productivity. Delivering positive wire-feed control for superior feeding, thanks to its servo-drive technology, the AutoDrive S eliminates burnback and “dog bones” and reduces spatter by 85 percent over standard feeding technology. This results in better quality welds with a more consistent bead profile. What’s more, the AutoDrive S eliminates post-weld clean-up, reducing scrap and maintenance needs.

The AutoDrive S is rated at 500 amps at 100 percent duty cycle and offers a wire feed speed range of 300-800 inches per minute.
Compatible with multiple Power Wave® power source models, the AutoDrive S is available in One-Pak® packages, which include feeders and all accessories needed to equip a robotic cell.

For additional details and product specifications, view brochure E10.17.1 on

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