Lincoln Electric Introduces Low Fume Pulse™ Welding Process

ClevelandLincoln Electric®’s Low Fume Pulse™ welding process simplifies the balancing act between weld-fume control and weld floor productivity. Developed to be a win-win solution, this advanced welding process combines maximum weld performance with low fume generation, providing improved operator productivity and safety at the same time.
Engineered to be the first step to overall weld fume control, Low Fume Pulse utilizes Lincoln Electric’s Waveform Control Technology® to deliver an advanced pulsed waveform that maximizes arc performance while effectively controlling heat-input. In return, Low Fume Pulse drastically minimizes overall weld fume generation – reducing the volume of weld fume emissions into the workspace by 66 percent compared to traditional constant voltage (CV) MIG.
Low Fume Pulse is available as a free waveform upgrade for the Power Wave® S500, R500 or R450 with STT or Advance modules.
For more information on Low Fume Pulse, view brochure MC17.52 on
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