Lincoln Electric Introduces Electronic-Fuel-Injection Engine as Easy-Starting, Fuel-Saving Option on its RangerĀ® 305 G Multi-Process Welder/Generator

Cleveland – Lincoln Electric introduces the K3928-1 Ranger® 305 G EFI, combining a powerful multi-process, engine-driven welder with a Kohler® 25-hp electronic-fuel-injection (EFI) engine. A new option to the standard Ranger 305 G with a Kohler carburetor engine, the EFI-engine product provides easier starting in cold weather – no choke to adjust – as compared to the carburetor engine. Another advantage of the EFI engine over its carburetor counterpart: fuel savings of 12 percent at 300 amps and 30 percent at high idle.
Ruggedly built for solid performance, the K3928-1 Ranger 305 G EFI tackles stick, TIG, wire and pipe welding. It includes Lincoln Chopper Technology®, providing simple starts, a smooth arc, low spatter and excellent bead appearance.
Key Features:
Even with its advanced capabilities, the K3928-1 Ranger 305 G EFI remains simple to use. The control panel is straightforward, offering a single, full-range output control dial, four welding modes selector and other simple controls.
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