Lincoln Electric Introduces a New Submerged Arc Flux for Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys

Cleveland –Lincoln Electric introduces Lincolnweld® P2000, a submerged arc flux designed for specialty stainless steel and nickel grades, such as 625, 347, duplex, and super duplex. This neutral flux has superior slag release, even with Niobium (Nb) bearing steels. This SAW flux is available in a 50 lb. (22.7 kg) plastic bag.
Key Features:  
·         Neutral basic flux designed for welding specialty stainless steels, such as 625, 347, duplex, and super duplex.
·         Produces sound welds with excellent slag removal and bead appearance.
·         Exhibits superior resistance to moisture pickup.
·         Nickel overlays applications
·         Stainless overlay and joining applications
When welding with Lincolnweld® P2000™ flux, it is recommended that a stainless steel and nickel-grade wire containing Niobium (Nb) be used. Examples include Techalloy® 625, 316, 347, and 2209.
Visit to learn more about Lincolnweld® P2000 flux, or to view or download product bulletin C6.10.38.
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