Lincoln Electric’s New Power Wave® Advanced Module Expands Welding Capabilities for Manufacturers

Cleveland – With customer expectations and industry demands growing, investing in advanced waveform control is essential. The Lincoln Electric Company introduces the Power Wave® Advanced Module to increase flexibility for manufacturers by expanding their welding capabilities. The module has alternating current (AC) welding capability to run aluminum processes.

“We understand what goes into producing a great weld, so we know the importance of having flexibility,” said Matt Albright, product manager for welding equipment, Lincoln Electric. “The Power Wave Advanced Module provides customers with a solution to increase weld process control by expanding their welding capabilities.”
The new welding system module performs several welding processes – shielded metal arc, metal inert gas (MIG), pulsed MIG, tungsten-electrode inert gas (TIG) and Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®). STT is a controlled MIG short circuit transfer process that uses current controls to adjust the heat independent of wire feed speed, resulting in superior arc welding performance, good penetration, low heat input control and reduced spatter and fumes. With STT welding capability, the module can also help welding open root gaps with high frequency inverter technology.
The Advanced Module reduces burn-through and increases wire feed speed and cleaning. Also, it incorporates a high frequency starting mode that can be controlled at the wire feeder or power source user interface. The careful use of high frequency starting can improve the appearance of TIG welding arc starts and helps to reduce contamination caused by scratch starts.
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