Lincoln Electric Offers New Excalibur® Electrodes for Offshore Welding

- Excellent stress relieved mechanical properties
- Enhanced arc performance
- Easy Strike, re-strike and slag removal
- Lot controlled and Q2 tested with actual deposit composition and mechanical properties.

ClevelandLincoln Electric has introduced the new Excalibur® 10018-D2 MR low hydrogen stick electrode for all-position welding of a variety of carbon-manganese, chromium-molybdenum and low alloy steels typically found in offshore welding applications.

Excalibur® 10018-D2 MR meets NACE requirements for corrosion resistance necessary for offshore and subsea welding of pipe carrying H2S or “sour gas.” It is also an excellent choice for welding chromium-molybdenum steels including AISI 4130, 4140 and 8630, as well as ASTM A182 and A336 Grades F22.

The new electrode features premium arc performance with square coating burn-off and improved puddle control and visibility; is easy to strike and re-strike; and are lot controlled and Q2 tested.

For more information, call (888) 355-3213 or visit to obtain Bulletin C2.10.8.

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