New Lincoln Electric High Silicon GTAW Stainless Steel Cut Lengths Offered in Three Alloys

ClevelandLincoln Electric® introduces new GTAW (TIG) cut lengths, offered in high silicon formulations in three common stainless steel alloys. The GTAW process allows for incredibly clean, high-quality welds with reduced spatter and welding fume. With upgraded manufacturing processes on the new products, quality is additionally enhanced and the opportunity for weld inclusions is reduced.
The new stainless steel Lincoln Electric GTAW cut lengths include: “We’ve improved efficiency on the production front to provide more quality consistency that in turn, ensures the ultimate quality of the welding consumable,” said senior product manager, welding alloys, Sheena Suvak. “We pride ourselves in having high quality consumables regardless of the welding process.”
Common features for the cut lengths include: Whether used by industrial fabricators in traditional metalforming applications, or for aftermarket small shop work, Lincoln stainless steel GTAW cut lengths are designed to deliver a clean and consistent weld.
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